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Towels - Sculpted Embroidery



These heavenly white towels are a blank palette for you to create a masterpiece. Let your imagination take over.

 Our premium sculpted towel gives you creative license to design a towel that is uniquely your own!

1) Choose a background pattern for the towel itself.

2) Choose your border panel (optional).

3) Choose where to position your logo.

Background Towel Pattern - Solid, Horizontal Ribbed, Diagonal Ribbed, Diamond, Horizontal Lines, Diagonal Lines

Towel Border Panel - Ribbed with polyester logo, Honeycomb with polyester logo, Solid with color logo, Ribbed with color logo, Honeycomb with color log

Logo Position - Full Center, Border Only, Full Center/Step & Repeat

* Or you can do a combination of logo in the towel and in the border. The options are virtually endless!

* Towel pattern shown has a diagonal ribbed background with a solid border panel. Logo in border only.

Made in the USA

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