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Rugs - Cotton Reversible Tabletop Cotton


N 6474 Cotton Reversible Tabletop Cotton

An eternal favorite in the bath, our cut / loop reversible cotton rug is offered in a wide range of hues. Hand-sewn, machine washable, and solid-colored textures create the positive attributes for our heavy-weight rug. Both soft and electric palettes are available, making this durable rug a great option for rooms BEYOND the bath.

Sizes; 17" X 24"  21" X 34"  27" X 45"  24" X 60" 

Colors: Arctic White, Parchment, Taupe, Silver, Cool Grey, Fiesta Hot Pink, Fiesta Fuchsia, Fiesta Sunshine, Fiesta Lime, Blush, Seaglass, Glacier, Twilight, Charcoal, Fiesta Orchid, Fiesta Violet, Fiesta Teal, Fiesta Colbalt

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