Trillium® Medium Density Pillow



Experience the luxurious comfort of the Trillium® Medium Density Pillow. Crafted with premium Trillium® fiber, this pillow delivers a silky and plush feel that rivals the softness of down. Enjoy the indulgent loft and cushioning, providing a true down-like experience. The Trillium® fiber not only offers exceptional comfort but also allows for adjustable support, ensuring you find the perfect level of firmness for a restful sleep. Drift off into a world of relaxation and wake up refreshed with the Trillium® Medium Density Pillow, the epitome of comfort and luxury.


Available Sizes:

• Standard (20″x26″ 24 oz)
• Queen (20″x30″ 28 oz)
• King (20″x36″ 33 oz)

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