Scrubbing Wet Flat Mops

Scrubbing wet flat mops are designed to handle heavy grime. These mops feature polypropylene ridges that practically glide over the surface while cleaning and removing dirt at the same time. These microfiber wholesale mops are designed to provide a lot of durability and utility, with double-stitched edges and high-quality materials. We have several color options to support a color-coded cleaning system, and you an get everything from 13” mops to 24” mops to match your needs. Each of these mops can be laundered up to 500 times, making them easy to use and reuse throughout a facility. Microfiber mops can also help reduce fatigue and make the wet floor cleaning process more efficient. Staff won’t have to make as many trips to change the water or cleaning solution, and they can cover more square footage.
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