Power Towels

Upgrade your gym and pool towels. Our 6lb striped bath gym/pool towels are comparably priced to similar towels and punch way above their weight. The Power Towel line is softer and more absorbent, with brighter whites and deeper colors than typical striped institutional bath and hand towels. You can spot the difference in these wholesale fitness towels in the details: Yarn:Power Towels are made from virgin fiber 12/S open-end yarn. Standard gym towels, on the other hand, are made from 10/S open-end blended (virgin and reclaimed) fiber yarn. You can feel the difference. Construction: There’s a visible different in the structure of our wholesale gym towels. Power Towels’ loop pile is low, uniform, and tight, with more loops-per-square-inch that competitive towels. To get technical about it, we’ve reduced the height/weight of the pile and added that weight to the ground by adding more warp weft threads, and therefore more loops, which gives a more uniform appearance. It makes the towel feel softer because there’s more springiness due to the shorter, more numerous pile loops. Color & Brightness: Power Towels colors are vibrant and more consistent because we vat-dye the yard in the warp and pile then bleach the whole towel with hydrogen peroxide so the shade will last. The quality of the water used in the color process also affect the quality of the finishing. We use filtered water to ensure uniform dying.
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